12 Dec 2012

Google+ Communities – Social SEO Hot or Not?

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Tampa Google+ Networking

Google+ Communities Can Help Your Tampa Bay Business

The new Google+ Communities launched a few days ago. Current Google+ users are “on cloud nine” with the understanding that these  new communities will replace the outdated and spam infested Google groups. Hooray! We sure hope that Google+ users understand the advantage they have right now; this is a clean slate to brand, build, contribute and become a true Googlians once and for all. Some network users will actually say “goodbye” to Facebook if the Google+ Communities  prove more advantageous for their online marketing. The question is whether social Facebook users will gravitate to the Google+ networks because of this new and familiar feature. This is Google’s goal after all!

What are Google+ Communities exactly?

The video above explains what it entails; Google+ Communities are very similar to Facebook Groups. Yet, there are a few AWESOME differences that we hope you will appreciate as much as we do. These may be the downfall of Facebook at this point; especially since Facebook restructured pages so that it is difficult to interact as a page. Regardless, here are a few of the cool features unique to Google+ Communities:

Google+ Communities Features:

  1. Google+ users can share content between communities (within the Google+ Network). For example, a member of the SEO Community can share an article to friends in the Social Media Community. This will prove valuable for virtual handshaking and online marketing.
  2. A user can share directly to Google+ communities from the +1 button on websites. It is awesome to have this ability, though there is a limitation. Google+ users must choose one or the other when sharing directly from a site. For example, if you are sharing with Public, then you cannot share with the applicable Google+ Community at the same time.  The contrary is that you can  share whatever you would like to the community, though it is best to keep it relative to the group content.
  3. Any network member can create Google+ communities. This included Google+ Pages; pages can create communities, too.
  4. Add text to images as soon as you upload them for posting. This makes for content creation on the fly in case you want to add a caption and / or website link.

Disadvantages of Google Plus Communities

One major disadvantage of the Google Plus Communities (Google+ in general) is that many people do not find it as user friendly and entertaining as it should be. We would like to say “as user-friendly as Facebook”, but the reality is that consumers are still taking classes on how to use Facebook; professionals are taking classes on how to use Facebook for online marketing. Google+ might prove easier to those Facebook users, though not yet to the kids entering the mobile social markets.

Another disadvantage is that everyone will know what you’re up too; similar to how Facebook works. You can limit some through your Google+ Account settings, but there are always some privacy limitation inconveniences and this is one of them.

Advantages of Google+ Communities

On the other hand, Google+ will become extremely entertaining once more Gmail users get wind of how much easier it is to interact with their Contacts and make new friends because of the new communities. As a Florida business owner, you should note that this addition is going to become super useful for your social seo marketing goals in 2013. It should become easier to position yourself as an authority in your niche, share content and build your Google+ circles unlike ever before. Most importantly, Google+ Communities provides better potential for your website and blog posts to go viral within the Google+ community; an environment constantly indexed by Google, as well as the network where they prefer we work and play. HINT HINT … big brother Google is not playing around in 2013. The year end launch of these new groups will provide you with a few weeks advantage to set up your communities and update your 2013 online marketing plan. Make sure to have your Google+ badge / button on your website(s), so that your valuable information is shared throughout the Google+ communities just like our website does.

Google+ Communities is like a HUGE Christmas gift come early.

We are hoping that Google will not change things as the communities feel perfect for business social networking right now. Yet, it leaves our Tampa SEO Internet Marketing team on edge. The new communities are an awesome new feature, though just fancy “groups” when we get back down from Cloud 9.

Now we are wondering what Google has up their sleeves to REALLY force us to stop using other networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram. Adding the communities is a good start, but what will be the pièce de résistance that will encourage us to use their Google+ network as much as we use Facebook, too.

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