08 Jun 2010

Web Traffic – Tampa Bay Business Website Traffic Tips

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No matter how it’s mentioned, “website traffic”, “web traffic”, “web site traffic”, this is part of what your Tampa Bay business website needs to accomplish Internet Marketing goals.

In other words, you need an increasing flow of visitors to your website, blog and external sources (articles, social sites, press releases, etc.). This is also called “website hits”, “website visitors”, “consumer traffic” and is needed to create the “popularity” that generates business from the Internet. This popularity will assists with better search engine rankings, brand recognition and social attractions … You need to learn how to “make your mark” in the online business world by increasing this web traffic or hire an expert to help your Tampa Bay business. The following are some definitions and website traffic tips that can help you. Please feel free to post your questions in the comment area below and we will reply.

What is web traffic?

Web traffic involves the number of visitors to your web site, how long they stay on your site and pages they view each time. Webmasters and business owners track this web traffic in order to determine many things (i.e. consumer interest, search engine traffic,  demographics, keywords / phrases, traffic sources, etc.). Although you want and need as much website traffic as possible, there is some bad web traffic that you need to keep a watch on.

What is good web traffic?

  1. Customers typing in your website address or blog and browsing your pages.
  2. Customer clicking on a link to your website from a quality external resource like search engine listings,  advertisements, etc.

What is bad web traffic?

Spam emails, link farms, auto surfs and website service attacks are examples of undesirable / bad web traffic tactics. Keep in mind that search engines do look at the source of your traffic prior to granting you “popularity” in their rankings.

How much web traffic do I need to get business?

There is not a limit on how much website traffic is needed for your Tampa Bay business to do well. On the other hand, the reality is that small web traffic produces very little business, therefore a lot of web traffic is going to result in lead generation, business referrals, sales conversions, better search engine rankings, social network and local business popularity. The amount of traffic is determined by how competitive your industry or niche, therefore it is easier to make striped garbage bags rank in a search engine opposed to the keyword phrase garbage bag. On the other hand, if you take the time to do what is necessary to gain exposure for “garbage bags” you are going to receive a heck of a lot more web traffic and business than you would for marketing only your niche striped garbage bags.

How can I increase web traffic?

Good web traffic comes from quality Local and Internet Marketing processes, such as:

  1. A well designed and coded website.
  2. Onsite SEO (meta tags, quality content, etc).
  3. Quality offsite search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.
  4. Social Media Marketing / Social Media Optimization
  5. Paid Advertising (Online and Offline)
  6. Word of Mouth / Guerrilla Marketing
  7. Viral Marketing
  8. Videos, Audios

We could break these examples down into specific resources, but the gist is that it takes a combination of offline and online marketing – local and global – to develop the web traffic, search engine rankings, social media and local popularity that you need to brand, build and produce business on the Internet. If you have been trying to establish good link partners, advertisers or joint ventures, they will come to you after increasing your website hits from quality traffic sources. Let us know if we can be of assistance to your Tampa Bay business!

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  1. kateross80 says:

    Here are great tips discussed to increase traffic in business websites. I think foremost thing is the onsite SEO that need to be dealt with properly. Then comes the offsite work where social media is the best option that one gets to promote his/her website.

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