15 May 2010

How To Choose The Best Domain Name / Web Address

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Wondering how to choose the best domain name(s) for your website, blog or splash pages? Welcome to the club! This question is more common than you think; especially after trying to buy a domain name on your own and realizing that you made a HUGE mistake that could affect the reputation, branding and marketing of your Tampa business. Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot cancel a domain directly after buying it. You will either have to sell it or simply not renew the website address when it expires.

Yes … buying a domain name can get as confusing as selecting the best office space, toll-free phone number, website designer, etc. In fact, now that best .COM names are gone, even experienced webmasters and Internet professionals can find it challenging to choose the best website address. Most business owners will chose their company name for their site, but what if you’re building a second website – or – your company name is gone – or – you want the best Internet Marketing advantages this time around? In these cases, you will want to think of a few good names prior to getting started, though understand that you might need to brainstorm while in the process of searching to see what is available. THAT is a fun and frustrating process that we all must go through when choosing the best domain names.

* Use this guide to learn how to select the best website addresses.

Tip 1: Buy from a main domain registrar like Godaddy, Yahoo, Enom, Network Solutions, etc.

Of all the valuable information shared in this blog post, make this 1st tip a “golden rule” for your company. You need to buy domain names / website addresses from a reputable company like Godaddy, Yahoo, Enom, Network Solutions, etc. The ONLY exception is if a trusted source has a “reseller account” that they use to sell domains and make a profit (such as your webmaster or hosting company). THIS IS COMMON AND ETHICAL, though you still need to make sure that they are a direct reseller / 2nd party of the trusted domain company. For example, Google.com was a  “domain name reseller” of Enom.com. No one thought twice about where the domain originated from because they trusted Google as the domain reseller. If you want to support your webmaster in this manner, then you need to make sure that they are a direct 2nd party reseller of a major domain company like Godaddy, Yahoo, Enom, Network Solutions, etc. It can become difficult to determine whether this person is a direct reseller, 3rd or 4th party. If you are not sure, please feel free to send a message to our consultants and we will let you know. Another option is to use the information from this blog post and buy your own domain name at Godaddy, Yahoo, Enom, Network Solutions, etc. NOTE: If you do not buy a domain name from a major registrar, you run the risk of losing your website address per sloppy renewal processes and other issues that occur when a smaller company is posing as a major domain registration company.

Tip 2- Choose a .COM domain name

No matter what others have said to contradict Tip #2, we assure you that it is still best to use a .COM domain type opposed to a .NET, .ORG, .NAME, .INFO, etc. The main reason being that customers have been conditioned to associate .COM with website address names. This is what we all used over the past 10+ years and even though they may see the .net or .name on your business card, customers often make mistakes and type in .COM when searching for those websites. It is in your best interest to choose a .com domain name when possible. You make “things” easier on your customers by doing this as well.

Tip 3 – Keep it as short and simple as possible.

Make your domain name short and easy to remember. If it is too long or too difficult to spell, your customers may type in the wrong address and end up on a competitors website. Plus, you want to make your web address catchy. Customers will remember without the inconvenience of searching.

Tip 4 – Use desired keywords / keyword phrases.

Keywords and keyword phrases are what customers use to find your business in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. They type in these words and short phrases to receive a list of websites that match their search parameters. For example, Tampa SEO, Clearwater Restaurants, St Petersburg Insurance, etc. When not using your company name or instead of using your company for a domain name, you might benefit by using keywords instead. This website is an example of a domain that uses keywords – http://www.tampaseointernetmarketing.com = Tampa SEO Internet Marketing = Tampa SEO + Tampa Internet Marketing. This is something to carefully consider when choosing the best domain name. The

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  1. Edelmira says:

    We use a company that has Live Web Analytics which is vital to our internet marketing and seo optimization.

  2. Ramon Rua says:

    I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

  3. Columbus Laflore says:

    This is REALLY good information. I’m going to mark it as a favorite.

  4. Martin Sejas says:

    It’s very important to use keywords in your domain name because this is what will make the difference in your search engine rankings. Let’s say that we have 2 sites with the same amount of backlinks. The one that will get you over the line is having the target keyword in your domain.

  5. Andrew Pelt says:

    Great info! I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting.

  6. Lawana Wiktor says:

    I was browsing the Internet and came across your blog. It is good.

  7. Ovel Inad says:

    Thank you for a very clear and helpful post. I am definitely a violator of many of these rules. I guess you have to find a balance.

  8. Jess Behimer says:

    Thank you for this article! I’ve found it a decisively true news source about seo!

  9. Tampa SEO says:

    Thanks, Lawana. Please book mark this blog and check back soon!

  10. Tampa SEO says:

    Glad you found value in this blog. Let us know what SEO info you want us to write about.

  11. Tampa SEO says:

    Thanks, Edelmira 🙂 We totally agree and offer the Live Web Analytics and other support for our clients as well. Most importantly, we do not waste their budgets on useless submit sites, pay per click campaigns and undesirable link sites. Our staff is hands on with the SEO Marketing and Social Media services. We treat each client’s website and business needs as if they are our own.

  12. hoss992000 says:

    hello every body,i just want to tell you that it’s really hard to choose between domains sometimes i want to choose domain that is related to my site other times i want to cover it

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