03 Feb 2010

Florida Virtual Assistants

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Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa Virtual Assistants

Need A Virtual Assistant (Tampa Bay, Florida & Nationwide)

In this generation of business, it is much more convenient and cost effective to outsource work than it is to go through the hassle of recruiting, hiring, training and dealing with an onsite employee. They prefer to contract with professionals in the USA that can provide the business services they need and only when they need work done. In other cases, a business owner might work from a home office and prefer not to have anyone in their home for extended periods of time. Whatever the reason, a virtual employee or virtual assistant is what they need. Most prefer one from the United States opposed to offshore outsourcing …

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A virtual assistant is a professional that serves as an extension of your business. This individual handles the important details that you do not have time to do. A virtual assistant saves you the time and expenses of having to recruit, hire, train and pay an on-site employee. A virtual assistant serves as a staff member that is already trained and experienced in the specialties that you need. The difference is that they telecommute and provides services from his / her offsite office. Virtual assistants provides administrative, financial, marketing or technical services. Some VAs provide all of these services; others specialize in one or two. The capabilities are vast depending on the individual.

Who uses Tampa Virtual Assistant Services

Many insurance brokers, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, authors, non-profits and corporations outsource projects to Virtual assistants. In these cases, virtual assistance is a cost effective way of receiving expert administrative, financial, marketing or technical help without the hassle and expense of having onsite employees.

Tampa Virtual Assistant services are provided by seasoned professionals that no longer work offline jobs. Many have retired from their professional careers and work part time. Others are virtual assistants because they were self-motivated and proficient enough to establish virtual offices in order to connect with our Tampa SEO Internet Marketing team.

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Virtual assistant services in Tampa Bay / Central Florida and for business owners in Alaska ★ American Samoa ★ Arizona ★ Arkansas ★ California ★ Colorado ★ Connecticut ★ Delaware ★ District of Columbia ★ Florida ★ Georgia ★ Guam ★ Hawaii ★ Idaho ★ Illinois ★ Indiana ★ Iowa ★ Kansas ★ Kentucky ★ Louisiana ★ Maine ★ Maryland ★ Massachusetts ★ Michigan ★ Minnesota ★ Mississippi ★ Missouri ★ Montana ★ Nebraska ★ Nevada ★ New Hampshire ★ New Jersey ★ New Mexico ★ New York ★ North Carolina ★ North Dakota ★ Northern Marianas Islands ★ Ohio ★ Oklahoma ★ Oregon ★ Pennsylvania ★ Puerto Rico ★ Rhode Island ★ South Carolina ★ South Dakota ★ Tennessee ★ Texas ★ Utah ★ Vermont ★ Virginia ★ Virgin Islands ★ Washington ★ West Virginia ★ Wisconsin ★ Wyoming

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  1. Alessandra Bahena says:

    Hello, fantastic blog dude! i am just tired of using RSS feeds – do you use twitter? I can follow you there :D.
    PS: Do you thought putting video to your blog posts to keep the visitors more enjoyed? I think it works.

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  2. Tampa SEO says:

    Thanks, Alessandra. You can follow at @floridasemseo. Yes, we have posted thee first video on our blog – it is about the Doodle 4 Google program. We really appreciate your taking the time to read and comment on this website. Your time and suggestions are appreciated. 😀

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